New Year 2013

I love the positive vibes that people put out in anticipation towards the new year. Dreams are so vivid, you living them. Hope is so ripe, all things seem possible. There is something about the New Year that just gives you hope. A second chance to do better, be better. Time to plan for the year ahead.

The relationship between these two months is a weird one. In December people party and spend like its the last day on earth, like there is no tomorrow. In the same breath they are hopeful about the future… The one moment they making resolutions, the next PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!!!! One thing about partying like a rockstar is that it don’t come cheap. Most people have received their 13th, so Hell yeah, bring it on. Every weekend of December someone is hosting a braai, party or something. Doing all this forgetting about that the anticipated New Year, January.

When 2nd Janu-worry (as it is deemed by many) arrives and so do the worries. Those who have school going kids, worry about uniform, fees and all things school-related. Working people are worried about how they are going  to get money as they are cash strapped. All this is what I see around me. Suddenly BROKE is the norm, a regular in most peoples vocabulary. Now you are faced with being broke, the reality of the New  Year and pressure to take steps towards those resolutions. To make sure that most, if not all are realised.

BUDGET. SAVINGS. INVESTMENTS. I would think that would be at the top of the list of resolutions. As it stands (not proven), GYM and HEALTHY EATING are the most common resolutions. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but how long are we willing to be comfortable with JANU-WORRY. Honestly, I prefer January. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about all things associated with Janu-worry . The key is in saving.

The problem is not that we don’t know how to save, the problem is the discipline required. I for one know that I love shopping, that is the one thing that hinders me from saving as well as I could.  That would make one of resolutions, saving as much moola as possible and possibly spend less. Lord help me.


1. Pray about it.

2. Share your resolutions with people you care about and those that care for you. That way you have people that will help you get there or keep reminding you about it.

3. Write them down somewhere or create a collage that you can see daily.2013 DREAMS 2

4. Have discipline.

5. Have different time frames in which to achieve those different resolutions. Some take longer than others.

6. Review your resolutions quarterly, that way you will know and understand your progress and what steps to take going forth.

7. Most of all, be you, do you and make the most out of life.

8. One more thing, save for December and January separately. You get to blow your money in December  without having  to worry about Janu-worry.

Ps. There is only so much u can do in a year, if not all resolutions are realised. Don’t stress, carry over the ones that still matter, lose the ones that have lost value or meaning.


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